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Cookie Policy

In compliance with the duty of information set out in Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, the purpose of this cookie policy is to inform users about the cookies used by this website in order to enhance and optimise users’ experience. Hereafter you Will find clear and precise information about what are cookies, what kind of cookies this website uses, how to change cookies’ settings, and what happens if the cookies are disabled.

¿What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that web servers download to your computer to store and retrieve information about visitors and ensure the site’s proper functioning.

Using cookies enables the web server to recognise the user when they access the website. Besides, this helps us to improve the website’s quality and usability.

Cookies are essential for the Internet’s functioning. They cannot damage the pc/gadget, and, if enabled, they identify and solve potential malfunctioning.

Type of cookies:

There are diverse kinds of cookies. All of them work the same, but with little differences:

  • Session cookies: they have a specific duration based on the length of the visit, and they are erased when the browser is closed. Their main purpose is to identify what type of gadget is being used and assist the website’s security and its basic functioning. They do not contain personal information that would allow us to identify a person.
  • Persistent cookies: These types of cookies are stored in the gadget’s hard drive, and the browser read them each time you revisit the website. They have an expiration date, and once they expire, they stop working. They allow us to identify your actions and preferences; analyse the visits and help us to understand how the users reach our page and how to improve our services.
  • Functional cookies: they allow the website to remember the decisions adopted by the user, such as their login or ID. The information gathered by these cookies is anonymised (this means, they do not contain your name, address, or other sensitive data).
  • Third-party cookies: third-party cookies are necessary to use external apps on our website, i.e., cookies used by social networks (such as Facebook) or external content complements (like Google Maps). Moreover, some advertising companies use these kinds of files to keep track of the visits on the websites on which they are advertised.
  • Analytics cookies: they are cookies whose aim is regular maintenance and to guarantee the best operation and service to the user. They gather your activity data.
  • Performance cookies: they are used to enhance the browsing experience and optimise website performance, e.g., store service configurations, or save the shop made in a shopping cart.
  • Advertising cookies: they gather information about the advertisements shown to users. There are two types of them:
  • Anonyms cookies: they just gather information about ad spaces on the website, regardless of the user, meaning, they do not identify the user.
  • Customisation cookies: they collect personal information of the website’s user by a third party, in order to customise the ad space.
  • Geolocation cookies: these are used to know in which country or region is located when they access a service on the website. The purpose is to offer the user content and services adequate to their location.

What cookies are used on

  Name Purpose Expiry Type
WP BAckery Store performed action on the website Persistent Statistics (anonymous)
Google reCAPTCHA Provide spam protection, read and filter requests from bots Session, persistent Functional, Marketing/Tracking
WPML Store language settings 1 day Functional
Facebook Store and provide account details and tracking activity From 30 days to 2 years Marketing/Tracking, Functional
Instagram Store ad display frequency 1 year Marketing/Tracking

Disabling and blocking cookies.

Some of the functionalities of the services and sections of this website may not work properly if cookies are disabled.

Settings to avoid cookies.

From and according to the current rules, herein you may find the information which allows you to set your browser and keep your privacy and security related to cookies. For that matter, there is the information and links to the support websites of the principal browsers, so you can decide whether you want to accept or not use cookies.

This is how you can block cookies using the browser setting tools. Also, you can set your browser to notify you when a server wants to store a cookie:

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer: select the Tools button > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings. More information.
  2. Firefox: Menu button > Settings > Privacy and Security > Cookies and Site Data Section. More information. 
  3. Chrome: Click button More > Settings > Privacy and Security > Cookies and other site data. More information.
  4. Opera: Settings > Advanced > Privacy and Security > Site settings > cookies and site data. More information.
  5. Safari: Settings > Privacy > Block all cookies. More information.

If you use another browser, check its installation policy, use and block of cookies.